Bemdesaude voidbiov Giant Hand Grip Strength Ball, Stroke Rehab Strengthener Carpel Tunnel Exerciser, Squishy Stress Ball for Adults Elderly Arthritis Large:Bemdesaude
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voidbiov Giant Hand Grip Strength Ball, Stroke Rehab Strengthener Carpel Tunnel Exerciser, Squishy Stress Ball for Adults Elderly Arthritis Large:Bemdesaude

voidbiov Published in October 21, 2018, 12:55 am
 voidbiov Giant Hand Grip Strength Ball, Stroke Rehab Strengthener Carpel Tunnel Exerciser, Squishy Stress Ball for Adults Elderly Arthritis Large:Bemdesaude

voidbiov Giant Hand Grip Strength Ball, Stroke Rehab Strengthener Carpel Tunnel Exerciser, Squishy Stress Ball for Adults Elderly Arthritis Large:Bemdesaude

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Customer Reply to on 8 July 2017
I bought these Exercises 'egg' shaped balls for my husband who has an problem with one of his hands and medically nothing can be done at this stage unless the condition becomes worse, so wondered if an exercise ball would be of benefit.

We looked at the circular balls and the ovoid balls and decided that this product might fit better in the hand to sit and squeeze when perhaps watching T.V or reading.

The product does not come in any fancy packaging just a clear plastic bag with the three balls and the folded pouch. No instructions on use but have read elsewhere they should be placed with the pointed end - round end across the palm, or the pointed end facing down the palm to the wrist, however we prefer it place diagonally across the palm as it feels better when squeezing (it fits the curve of the hand better).
I would say initially use for about 10 - 15 minutes at a time by gently squeezing and releasing .

The pouch is a draw string bag which is probably strong enough to store the balls when at home (14.5cm wide x 19cm long).

The eggs have three different resistance levels, the yellow one having the least resistance (quite soft), pink has a medium resistance and blue has a firm resistance, to allow you to use whichever is more comfortable and if need be allow you to work up to a harder resistance if it benefits you.

We are not able to comment on how well these will work and if they will aid the problem they were bought for, or the robustness and longevity of this product but they are a good price and if nothing else they can be used to try to help relive stress or something for fidgety hands to find something to do.

** Early days but after using 3 - 4 times a day, 10 - 15 minutes each time over eight days the use of these exercise balls seem to be slightly benefiting the condition, so with further use they may continue to help even more.
Catriona Reply to on 13 November 2017
I bought these for my father and father in law who’ve both had a stroke. My father in law has a claw hand so these balls help to give him some relief and allow him to open his hand to allow the air in. My father who’s stroke wasn’t as severe use the eggs to strengthen the muscles in his stroke hand. The eggs are well made and offer excellent value for the cost.
Lucas Muller
Lucas Muller Reply to on 8 April 2018
I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for 1.5 years and I bought these three stress balls to regain strength in my left hand after the operation for carpal tunnel release. I've only ended up using the softest ball because the two others are just too firm anyways. Even the orange soft stress ball is still much too firm and it has little give, so it doesn't allow to strengthen the hand over its entire range of motion. My new physiotherapist advised me to use Play Doh instead after seeing this stress ball because it's softer and it allows to close the hand entirely for full range of motion.
S Riaz
S Riaz Reply to on 18 June 2018
These three stress balls come in three different colours and also different levels of firmness - soft, medium and hard. They are squishy and fit comfortably in the hand. I brought them for my daughter, who had a badly broken elbow and who, having spent a few weeks in plaster, needs to regain movement, not only in her arm (for which she is having physiotherapy) but also her hand. I thought egg shaped balls would be better for her, smaller hand, and this fitted fine into her palm. Squeezing these (she preferred the pink one, regardless of how soft/firm it was!) really has helped her to regain movement and strength in her fingers/hands.

These come with a small bag, to keep them together and are simply/attractively designed. Although squishy, they do not seem to have picked up dirt, as I feared they might - and I have cleaned them with wet wipes, which seems to have done the trick to keep them clean. They are simple to use, give a good range of different strengths, depending on your grip, and I have found them useful. More to the point, I noticed a definite, and quick, improvement in my daughter's hand strength after using them for just a short while.
Fordie777 Reply to on 7 December 2017
I purchased these a couple of days ago for my Mum who has osteoporosis and arthritis in her hands.

They came in a handy drawstring bag and are small enough to put in her bag so she can use them when she is out of the home.

Only time (and usage) will tell if they work for her.
Josh Reply to on 11 January 2018
Good ergonomic shape and design. Ideal for hand exercises for physio and recovery of any stiffness.
The three graded stiffness's mean you can select the appropriate 'egg' for your current requirements.
Useful for thumb, finger, hand or wrist injuries. Nice little storage bag means they keep well to.
So far have been well wearing and have not damaged or deformed in any way.
P. Evans
P. Evans Reply to on 7 November 2017
I had the top section of a finger amputated and wanted these balls to exercise my hand after the operation. I am extremely pleased with them. They are excellent value for money especially as they were posted to me in France at no cost.
JohnK9500 Reply to on 23 January 2018
Very happy with my purchase, these eggs are helping me with my arthritis and keeping my finger supple, 5 to 10 minutes while watching TV giving one of the eggs a squeeze is all it takes and I feel a improvement in my fingers, thanks for a great product.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 September 2018
After a close relative sadly had a stroke, i brought these to help her get the feeling back in her fingers. Early days yet but so far so good. Came quickly, three different balls, one really soft, the next medium, and the last firm, she's starting out on the softest one. I'll update this in a few months. Her physio has agreed to her using these too.
Pjizzle Reply to on 1 July 2018
Great product and really does help with strnghting your hand. I’m recovering from a broken hand, nothing was really helping until I started using this. The only bad side is if you accidentally drop the egg onto the carpet, you end with random dirt/dust on the egg which is hard to clean (happens even with very clean carpets).
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