Bemdesaude Sherwood Agencies Ltd Soft Fleece Pet Blanket - 80cm x 120cm (Approx) (Colours May Vary):Bemdesaude
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Sherwood Agencies Ltd Soft Fleece Pet Blanket - 80cm x 120cm (Approx) (Colours May Vary):Bemdesaude

Maxim Published in October 21, 2018, 12:55 am
 Sherwood Agencies Ltd Soft Fleece Pet Blanket - 80cm x 120cm (Approx) (Colours May Vary):Bemdesaude

Sherwood Agencies Ltd Soft Fleece Pet Blanket - 80cm x 120cm (Approx) (Colours May Vary):Bemdesaude

Price:£3.91+ Free shipping

NorahK666 Reply to on 10 February 2014
It's fine for my cats to lie on but I personally was disappointed that I didn't get the beige pawed blanket shown in the picture, I got a dirty grey coloured blanket which just doesn't look, aesthetically to my eyes anyway, dull and miserable. The cats, of course, don't care and find it perfectly adequate.
Poz Reply to on 6 June 2016
Very poor ,small , poor quality and most of all I feel I have been conned ! Like other reviews I purchased a beige with black paws , what I got was a Sickly Pink! It states colours may vary but they only show you the nice beige. Contacted the seller and guest what, they confirmed colours may vary! Buy somewhere else like poundland where you can pick the colour. Buyer beware of this trick!
Fun12 Reply to on 15 March 2017
Wasn't happy with this, blanket is alot smaller that would have liked and also very thin!! Guess you get what you pay for! Has to buy another blanket for my dog!! Would not buy from here again
JackLeonard Reply to on 4 June 2017
Excellent! A blanked of excellent quality, Easy to wash and maintain. My dog absolutely adores it, and he usually doesn't like blankets. It's so easy to just throw into the washer and dryer. Highly recommended. I have it for over a year and it is still in great quality, it is very durable.
Fiona Groom
Fiona Groom Reply to on 11 June 2013
I went for 2 of these because I wanted something with a light background as the picture. However when it arrived it has a grey background and is also very thin material. The picture is misleading as it looks as though it would be 'thicker' but as I said it is very thin. I will probably sew the 2 together and make one bed cover and then put a pad inside. I would have returned it but my laptop crashed and I ran out of time but before that happened I did send an email to the seller re my views but never received a response. Not too happy
Paige Amy
Paige Amy Reply to on 29 May 2013
I bought this to take to my puppies litter to leave there for his parents and siblings scent to go on so for when I pick up my puppy he should hopefully be comforted by their smells as I know how overwhelming all the new smells he will be smelling will be!!! :)
I did notice when I took it out of it's packaging that the material is soft but quite thin and the colour is more grey than cream, alas I wasn't too bothered, however it had tore a little on the edge so I do wonder what condition it will be when I go retrieve it! I'm not hopeful :P heheh but for the price it is a definite buy and the paws are cute and suitable! :)
andrew edwards
andrew edwards Reply to on 11 February 2017
small ,nylonee ,just wanted it for a washable blanket to lay in the dogs bed the thing just rolls up ,sticks to everything and ive thrown it away waste of money .wouldnt have given it one star but have to to fill in feedback
Shirley Reply to on 13 July 2014
The blanket is great and I would have given it 5 stars since the price was so cheap but they sent this horrible grey coloured blanket instead of the beige colour shown in the advert. I saw someone else wrote about this problem when I was reading the reviews before I bought so it would seem they don't always send the one that you see. Disappointed with the colour but the blanket is great.
Baileys owner
Baileys owner Reply to on 30 October 2017
Received free with a dog bed. Didn't think it would be much good but surprisingly good quality. Quite small but handy to just keep in the car.
Princess mayya
Princess mayya Reply to on 16 January 2017
Its nice, big and cosy, my cat loves she loves the fleece material type. Ive put it into her bed to make her bed even more comfy and she loves it as she has some long naps on top of her new blankey.
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