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PLAY - Chloe & Eli (Fettered Book 6):Bemdesaude

Lilia Moon
Lilia Moon Published in October 21, 2018, 12:54 am
 PLAY - Chloe & Eli (Fettered Book 6):Bemdesaude

PLAY - Chloe & Eli (Fettered Book 6):Bemdesaude


ReadingKnitter Reply to on 15 February 2018
This really is a wonderful series. The characters are well rounded and multi-dimensional and the plot is completely emotion driven, rather than event driven.

Eli is a cellist and a dom. He has always been a sensitive soul and becoming a dom taught him how to attain control of those emotions. He has travelled the world with his musical career but has returned to Seattle on consistent basis with his job with the Seattle Symphony.

Chloe is woman who knows what she wants with a great degree of certainty. She designs and sells beautiful lingerie and assertive in making sure her customers end up in the right garments to enhance their beauty.

The two meet when Chloe is invited to make fetish wear lingerie for sale in Fettered the club where Eli practices the dom part of this personality. They knew each other as teenagers and loved each other with a passion, but were separated by thousands of miles and decide to let each other go. 26 years later they are given a second chance. They know themselves better than they did as teens and they have to find a way to work out whether their needs and desires will finally find a way to mesh.

This isn’t a BDSM book full of whips and nipple clamps, it’s a book about the very nature of surrender and control and is more beautiful for it.
DMA Reply to on 17 June 2018
Stunning, beautifully written addition to the Fettered series! This is a wonderful second chance romance and exploration of sexuallity!!
Set within the family of the fettered club these two explore each other and the posibilities of a future together.
Fabulous written characters who you fall in love with instantly and at the end just make you feel you want to spend more time with them.
Michele Shaw
Michele Shaw Reply to on 11 January 2018
Amazing read
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