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Durutti Column
Durutti Column Published in October 21, 2018, 12:54 am
 Column South:Bemdesaude

Column South:Bemdesaude

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A. W. Wilson
A. W. Wilson Reply to on 19 July 2011
Watched this today, and as others have said - Is this a new Dawn of Enlightement for Pegasus? (Well actually no one said that, but you know what I mean.) This print is perfectly acceptable, much the best colour film I've seen from them. So, picture and sound very good, shame the film is not one of Audie's best, but it's good in a very typical "Indian vs Cavalry" way. I like it, and it has a good western cast. I have also seen "Away All Boats" and that's good quality too. I am now just waiting fo "Pillars of the sky" - Will it be Scope?? I'll let you know, as indeed, so will (many) others, I'm sure.
MAC Reply to on 5 May 2015
Distributed by Stratx Digital Media. From Universal Pictures comes COLUMN SOUTH 1953, 80 min. 4:3 screen format.starring Audie Murphy, Joan Evans, Robert Sterling, Ray Collins and Dennis Weaver as Navajo Chief Menguito.
Second in charge of a New Mexico post is Lieut. Sayre (Audie Murphy) a childhood friend of Menguito and has maintained peaceful relations.... until now. Duped by warmongering Confederate sympathisers, Lieut. Sayer now finds himself fighting his once close friend......Directed by Frederick de Cordova.
Orlando Reply to on 2 March 2016
Not a bad film. A bit run of the mill. I don't suppose it would appeal to a great number of people unless, like me, they are very fond of westerns. As usual Audie Murphy plays the part of...Audie Murphy as he did in all his films....Same person with just a different set of clothes....Still one of the old films with no sex, no bad language and no extreme violence....If you like westerns you may like this one. Reasonably priced also.
D. W. Phillips
D. W. Phillips Reply to on 8 July 2011
just ordered this dvd, i had the jeff chandler movie, away all boats last week which is a pegasus release aswell, now that dvd is a clean print so hopefully, fingers crossed, will let you know. dave flattop........... great copy of this movie,, no bad dropouts or jumps, buy it for the audie collection.
Dale Scott Fletcher
Dale Scott Fletcher Reply to on 1 November 2011
'Column South' follows Lt. Jed Sayre (Audie Murphy) in the buildup to the Civil War as he tries to keep the peace between the Navajo and the US Army. Along the way he is hindered by crooked prospectors, a racist commanding officer, and a traitorious general...
I thought this movie was very well done. There is plenty of plot and action, good character development, a realistically intelligent lead character, and a fascinating period of history as a setting. Although it was made early in Audie Murphy's career he acts with an ease that I have no doubt was the envy of his contemporaries, supported by a good crew (he apparently went on to work with many of them in other movies, which I look forward to seeing). A little general knowledge of Civil War history makes Column South mean so much more, but it isn't essential as I watched it with some friends who know almost nothing about history and they still enjoyed it. One final thing that grabbed me-the costumes are brilliant. The uniforms are good and the leading lady's dresses and hairdos are beautifully time-period.
Bottom line-I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good Western, movies based on historical events, Audie Murphy, or all of the above.
BUBS. Reply to on 6 January 2012
no problem with the picture quality that has plagued a number of Pegasus western releases in the past .but this isn't one of Audies best offerings it gets a little bit slowed down in politics for me ,however there are some action packed scenes involving the Indians and Fort ,that just about get this film 3 stars .
clifford rhead
clifford rhead Reply to on 23 February 2017
very pleased with everything
david john burton
david john burton Reply to on 29 October 2017
another classic to add to my collection
Range Rider
Range Rider Reply to on 22 August 2011
Another routine Audie Murphy western.Helped along by a stalwart supporting cast.I had never seen this film before so was surprised to see Denis Weaver playing an Indian.Lo and behold I saw another western a few days later and there was Mr Weaver playing an Indian again.
anton jones
anton jones Reply to on 7 June 2013
average oater with plenty of rip 'em up action and minimal romance...just as any good
western should be. Great print and in vivid colour.
How about more B grade westerns in future say 7 ways from sundown, day of fury, jack mccall, desperado to name a few
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